We sail

High-tech wind

The Ecoliner is created by people who believe in the power of wind and the need to increase wind-assisted sea transport options that can compete with existing ships. Our goal is to provide the missing link in sustainable sea transport by developing a multipurpose, hybrid cargo vessel which can sail a transatlantic route. Together with a number of partners, we have developed this concept of wind-assisted shipping which we have named the Ecoliner. It will be a next step in reducing toxic emissions and the use of fossil fuels.

Sustainable and cost-effective

There is an increasing awareness of the need for sustainability by international maritime shipping. The worldwide shipping of commodities, still intensively using up fossil fuels, could become far more sustainable and cost-effective. Modern techniques enable us to use wind once again for the propulsion of vessels. By using ocean currents and trade winds the grand days of merchant sailing vessels revive. In-depth research into new types of masts and rigging and proven software result in increased speeds and reliable deliveries. The question is not if, but when the first Ecoliners will be commissioned.

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Customers will demand cleaner transport

In the near future the environmental regulations for commercial shipping will become stricter. Customers will become more aware of the impact of current ocean shipping and options for cleaner transport. This will force the current market to become more efficient and score well in the so-called ‘clean shipping index’. The costs of fossil fuels are expected to increase and with a concept like the Ecoliner the environment can only benefit. The Ecoliner concept will enable companies to add a new dimension to their sustainability and reduce their carbon footprint.

The Ecoliner is a hybrid shipping concept equipped with high-tech sails and a powerful engine. Depending on the customer, the vessel can be customized to be used as bulk carrier, container or multi-purpose vessel. The hull and rigging are specially designed and tested for the Ecoliner and are compatible with route optimization software.