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Connect with innovation and sustainability

The Ecoliner promises to be a valuable asset for cargo owners, ship owners and retailers. The Ecoliner connects companies and products with innovation and sustainability. Companies can add a new dimension to their sustainability and reduce their carbon footprint. The Ecoliner combines high speeds with low energy costs. This sustainable transport option helps companies to realize their ambitions in CO2 neutral transportation, reduction of SOx and NOx and sustainable production in their value chain.

Step on board of sustainable shipping

SAIL can bring potential investors, ship and cargo owners and sustainable brands into contact with the companies and organizations that work on the realization of the Ecoliner. The municipality of Harlingen and the province of Friesland, both in the north of the Netherlands, are among the initiators and these parties not only have ample space, but also the knowledge and the suppliers necessary to build this ship at the border of the UNESCO Wadden Sea. It involves technical development, specialized nautical knowledge, technology, patents, navigation software, business cases and blueprints for shipping parts such as masts and rigging.

More information

If you want to receive more information please send an e-mail to: info@ecoliners.eu